HealOmni Announces the Launch of Smart Technology For Medical Devices

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Smithfield, RI – November 4th, 2016 – HealOmni, a privately held provider of real-time medical device management solutions, announced the official launch of a new, innovative smart technology that will allow any end-users to remotely access any medical device from a remote location. HealOmni can be accessed via laptop, desktop and mobile devices. This technology will accelerate real-time connection and equipment coordination for any medical devices. This new modality will change the way medical devices troubleshoot and improve patient quality of life.

"We are excited about HealOmni, it is a game changer for all medical device manufacturers, distributors, clinicians and patients. We are looking forward to offering HealOmni to all end-users, as it provides remote access application, GPS location and drop detection. HealOmni's software platform has a sophisticated system that collects, verifies and provides real-time health status. Many medical device companies can now offer smart technology to any medical devices that was only available to commercial products such as computers, phones and home appliances," said Rian Mallari, Chief Marketing Officer for HealOmni.

"A medical manufacturer and its distributors and patients will benefit from HealOmni smart technology's unique remote access application, GPS location feature and drop detection monitoring offering. When a medical device alarm is triggered, HealOmni will automatically send an alert email or a text to the end user. An end user can access the HealOmni desktop software and see which alarm was triggered. The troubleshoot alarm can be remedied quickly and the patient's concern will be addressed immediately," continued Mallari.

HealOmni can help improve and change how to troubleshoot any medical devices at a rapid speed. The GPS feature application can provide real-time pinpoint location of every medical device that is deployed in the field. This GPS feature is not only an inventory management tool, but is also an effective track and trace tool for any consignment medical device.

HealOmni's drop detection monitoring provides immediate notice to the end-user when the medical device is misused or damaged while it's in the field. Many manufacturers and distributors will know when their equipment was damaged. HealOmni will provide a drop detection alert via email and text.

About HealOmni
HealOmni is advancing remote access, GPS and drop detection technology for medical device. As a leading provider of customized, scalable, cost-effective "real-time" equipment management solutions, the company assists organizations serving every type of patient populations at any healthcare facilities. HealOmni ideas, design and inventions have driven the evolution of digital communication, linking clinicians, distributors, manufacturers and patients more closely to real- data information and each other. For more information, please visit www.healomni.com.

Media Contact
Mark Hastings
CEO HealOmni
Phone: (417) 399-3819
Email: mhastings@impactmedicalkc.com

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