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Jacksonville, FL. – June 28, 2021 – Next Science, a medical technology company and leader in treating biofilm-based infections in humans, today announced new educational broadcast content about chronic infections, which impact 17 million Americans each year. “The Balancing Act,” a lifestyle show that airs on the Lifetime channel, will feature a segment that discusses the costly and debilitating nature of these infections and how physicians can more effectively treat patients suffering from chronic wounds, including diabetic wounds, by using BLASTX, Next Science’s antimicrobial wound gel.

The segment shares the story of Charlie Richter, a patient who developed a chronic foot wound that would not heal until he began treatment with Dr. Matthew Regulski, DPM, a podiatric surgery specialist and Next Science consultant based in New Jersey. Dr. Regulski treated and ultimately healed the chronic wound using BLASTX, a wound gel that breaks down biofilm, a structure that protects bacteria and can be resistant to antibiotics.

“Taking care of patients as if they were my family is what gets me up every day and makes me want to be the best physician I can be,” said Dr. Regulski. “For me, it’s personal as my father was a diabetic who had part of his foot amputated to save his life before we had products like BLASTX. I have treated more than 20,000 patients with chronic wounds using BLASTX and it is the best tool in my toolkit when it comes to healing diabetic ulcers and preventing amputation – and when we save a patient’s limb we save their life.”

Approximately 15-25% of patients with diabetes suffer from foot ulcers and up to 24% of those patients will require an amputation – and one of the primary reasons is microbial infection in the biofilm surrounding the ulcer. Microbial infections are also a leading cause of death around the world. In the U.S., biofilm-related infections kill an estimated 550,000 people each year – more than chronic lower respiratory diseases, diabetes and the flu/pneumonia combined.

“Foot ulcers pose a significant health risk to people with diabetes. With BLASTX, physicians can feel confident they have a weapon in the fight against biofilm and through treatment that they will help improve their patients’ quality of life,” said Dustin Haines, chief commercial officer for Next Science.

In addition to treating diabetic foot and leg ulcers, BLASTX can also be used for stage 1-4 pressure injuries, partial- and full-thickness wounds, post-surgical wounds, first and second degree burns, and grafted and donor sites. BLASTX, which uses Next Science’s patented XBIO® Technology, which physically deconstructs the protective shell over the bacterial biofilm matrix, destroys bacteria within the gel and defends from recolonization while maintaining a moist wound environment. BLASTX is non-toxic and lasts up to five days.

The segment will air on Lifetime Television on June 28 at 7:30 a.m. EST and will re-air on July 6 during the same time period.

About Next Science
Next Science develops innovative technologies that apply materials science principles to address, and ultimately resolve, one of the leading causes of antimicrobial resistance: bacterial biofilms.

About The Balancing Act
The Balancing Act® is a morning show created and produced by BrandStar that offers solutions and essential information in a fun, entertaining format; providing resources to help people do life better.

About BrandStar
BrandStar has experience in creating customized educational content for brands with laser targeted extensive distribution through their multi-channel network ecosystem and methodology.

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