Scientist from McCord Research Has Won the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute Prize for Diabetes Research Protection Status
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Coralville, IA – October 25, 2016 – Dr. Tom Karagiannis from McCord Research and the Baker IDI Institute has won the prestigious Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute Prize for Diabetes Research for his scientific research poster that will be presented as part of the 2016 Alfred Health Week Research Poster Display at a Wounds Australia Conference in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This 11th National Australian Wound Management Association (AWMA) conference will be held November 9th-12th at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Dr. Karagiannis is the director of the McCord Research Laboratory and Epigenomic Medicine at Baker IDI in Melbourne.

Some of the latest discoveries from the McCord Research Laboratory are encompassed in this poster entitled "Infrared Chemical Mapping as a Diagnostic Tool in Wound Care". Authors of the poster include Katherine Ververis, Natalie Bonvino, Nadia Mazarakis, Neha Malik, Julia Liang, Vi Luu, Keith Bamberry, Jitraporn Vongsvivut, Danielle Martin, Nancy Ray, Andrew Hung and Jan Rice. The work was done in collaboration with the Health Innovations Research Institute, School of Applied Sciences at RMIT University in Melbourne and the Ashwood Medical Group Wound Clinic in Ashburton, Victoria, Australia.

The cutting-edge research presented in the poster was performed to create a better understanding of cellular and molecular details of diabetic healing processes that are typically aberrant. Burn wound healing was also studied. Focal Plane Array (FPA) and synchrotron- Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) chemical mapping was utilized to characterize the wound healing process. The studies highlight the potential of using these advanced technologies as diagnostic tools in wound care. Dr. Karagiannis is world-renown for his work in diabetes and has also published leading scientific papers related to cancer, antioxidants and/or epigenetics in prestigious, peer-reviewed journals.

Moreover, Dr. Karagiannis has made scientific discoveries involving the ingredients in Olivamine (a blend of antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins) that have resulted in critical patents for McCord Research including with regards to wound healing. He has worked with the Chief Scientific Officer and Founder of McCord Research, D. Elizabeth McCord, PhD, FAPWCA to translate scientific discoveries into the creation of beneficial health products including Olivamine-containing skin and wound care products available in the US and Asia (Pinnaclife).

McCord Research is located at 2769 Heartland Dr., Suite 303, Coralville, IA. For further information, call 319-353-3201 or go to

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McCord Research, founded by D. Elizabeth McCord, PhD, FAPWCA, has successfully licensed numerous medical technologies to help with nutrition and skin and wound care around the world. The technologies have been incorporated into many highly respected treatments used by physicians, caregivers, and other industry professionals including AtHome™ Viniferamine®. McCord Research funds the McCord Research Laboratory under the direction of Dr. Tom Karagiannis in Melbourne Australia. The McCord Research team is consistently on the cutting-edge of discovery, resulting in exciting new ideas that are incorporated into scientifically advanced products. McCord Research is committed to improving the quality of life globally through scientific discovery and advanced affordable medical products.

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