Wound Healing Foundation Updates: H. Paul Ehrlich Rising Star in Wound Healing Award, Upcoming Events

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H.Paul Ehrlich Rising Star in Wound Healing Award

The Wound Healing Foundation is excited to announce the H. Paul Ehrlich Rising Star in Wound Healing award. Dr. Ehrlich was a nationally and internationally recognized scientist in wound healing and scar research, who made a major impact in our understanding of collagen metabolism during wound healing. Dr. Ehrlich was a founding member of the Wound Healing Society and its second president. Dr. Ehrlich faithfully served the Wound Healing Foundation continuously as a Board of Director for 13 years and as Foundation Awards Chair for 15 years. He was a staunch supporter of young investigator research and a great mentor. He understood how much an award could impact a young investigator’s career, and he made major contributions to the success of numerous research and educational efforts of the Foundation and the Society.

Award Recipient Recognition- May 19, 2021
A promising nominee with leadership potential in wound healing research will be selected from the received submissions. The recipient of the H. Paul Ehrlich Rising Star in Wound Healing Award will receive $1000 and public recognition at the WHS/WHF Awards Ceremony starting at 8:15pmET. For the free registration link, go to https://woundheal.org/Meeting/program/2021-Webinar.cgi.

H. Paul Ehrlich Virtual Celebration and Remembrance- June 5, 2021
Join us at this virtual celebration of Paul as a person and a wound researcher for an event filled with stories and glimpses into the history of our wound community. If you did not have the opportunity to know Paul, this is your chance to learn more about him and the contributions he made and the impact he had. If you were fortunate to know him, this is a time to gather and celebrate Paul.

If you would like to participate in the event and/or submit a story, please contact the Wound Healing Foundation at: https://woundhealingfoundation.org/Awards/Rising-Star.cgi.

Upcoming Events

May 13, 2021 at 8:15AM: Eighth Annual 2020 WHF-Thomas K. Hunt Endowed Lecture
Speaker: Randy Schekman, PhD
Available at SAWC Spring 2021

Dr. Schekman's laboratory developed a genetic and biochemical approach to study the molecular mechanism of protein secretion in Baker’s yeast. A sequence comparison of the genes required for secretion in yeast and the genes that encode proteins required for membrane traffic in mammalian cells showed that the process is conserved over 2B years of evolution. Given this functional conservation, the biotechnology industry exploited yeast as a platform for the production of large quantities of medically important proteins such as recombinant human insulin and the protein used in hepatitis B vaccination.

More recent work has demonstrated that many cells also secrete small extracellular vesicles (EVs) or exosomes. EVs may carry proteins and RNA to target cells to change the pattern of gene expression or in disease, to promote some pathological process. Dr. Schekman's lab now studies EV assembly, RNA packaging and the effect of isolated EVs on target cell growth and differentiation. In one such study, the lab has found EVs isolated from fibroblasts of keratinocytes stimulate the migration of cells in a wound healing assay. The hope is that by understanding this process, the vesicles may be used to deliver therapeutic molecules to cells or tissues in humans, e.g., in skin wound healing.

May 14, 2021 at 6:00PM: The 1st Annual Wound Healing Foundation-Medline Corius Innovation Research Grant Award Lecture
Speaker: Ivan Jozic, PhD
Available at SAWC Spring

Diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs), impact ~26 million people with diabetes mellitus (DM) worldwide, with 1 of 3 DM patients developing a foot ulcer during their lifetime. In order to combat excessive limb amputation and the high mortality resulting from DFUs, effective treatment strategies need to both promote wound closure as well as inhibit wound infection. Dr. Jozic's team recently identified a new target, caveolin-1 (Cav1), that can potentially reduce bacterial colonization as well as promote cell migration. Caveolins, the major structural components of caveolae, are implicated in control of cell migration and internalization of bacteria. Dr. Jozic's data shows a downregulation of Cav1 expression in human ex-vivo acute wound model, and an upregulation of Cav1 at the wound edge of non-healing DFUs. Since Cav1 normally binds to areas of the cell membrane which are rich in cholesterol and sphingomyelin, molecules which extract membrane cholesterol (including methyl-β-cyclodextrin (MβCD)) are great tools to disrupt caveolae by preventing Cav1 assembly. Dr. Jozic's data suggests that disruption of Cav1 activity by MβCD, accelerates directional cell migration by targeting key proteins regulating cytoskeletal remodeling, and reverses the well-known inhibitory effects of glucocorticoids in vitro and ex vivo. Furthermore, Dr. Jozic shows that MβCD pre-treatment can reverse the retarded wound closure commonly observed in a murine diabetic wound model. Also, MβCD treatment can prevent internalization of a common wound colonizer, Staphylococcus aureus, both in vitro. Thus, targeting Cav1 can serve to overcome two obstacles of wound closure commonly observed in chronic wounds: 1) inability of keratinocytes to migrate properly and 2) bacterial colonization of wounds.

May 19, 2021 at 6:45PM: WHF-3M Fellowship Lectures
Speakers: Piul Rabbani, PhD and Catherine B. Anders, PhD

2019 Fellow Piul Rabbani, PhD from New York School of Medicine will give a lecture on her research results entitled “Enhanced Nrf2 signaling in mesenchymal stem cells for therapeutic exosomes.”

2021 Fellow Catherine B. Anders, PhD from Idaho Veteran’s Research and Education Foundation at the Boise VA Medical Center will give her research lecture on “Longitudinal, In Situ Profiling of Wound-Associated Macrophage Phenotypes by Q-IHC.”

Available at: https://woundheal.org/Meeting/program/2021-Webinar.cgi


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