Volume 11 No. 08 | February 19th, 2021

Maintaining Connection During the Pandemic: In-Person Alternatives
Smith+Nephew, Inc.
Upcoming Webinar: Wound Care Documentation Standards
WoundCon Satellite Symposium: A Pandemic Within a Pandemic: How Diabetic Foot Complications and COVID-19 Have Created a Sinister Synergy—and What to Do About It
WoundCon Satellite Symposium: Why Dressing Technology Matters: All "Alginates" Are Not Created Equal
Assessing Wound Tissue and Drainage Types: Slough Versus Purulence
White Paper of the Week: Reducing Complications Associated With Wound Exudate
Wound Care Product of the Week: RENASYS* TOUCH Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
How Streamlining Wound Documentation Improves Continuity of Care
Improving Wound Outcomes and Saving Healthcare Dollars in the Homecare Setting by Adding Hypochlorous Acid (HClO0.033%) to a Wound Supply Formulary: A Financial and Outcome Analysis
Identification and Management of Infected Wounds