Volume 11 No. 09 | February 26th, 2021

WoundCon Spring 2021
Gauze Dressings and Wounds: 9 Dos and Don'ts
WoundCon Satellite Symposium: A Pandemic Within a Pandemic: How Diabetic Foot Complications and COVID-19 Have Created a Sinister Synergy—and What to Do About It
WoundCon Satellite Symposium: Why Dressing Technology Matters: All "Alginates" Are Not Created Equal
Wound Drainage: How Does It Guide the Plan of Care?
Wound Care Product of the Week: Dakin's Wound Cleanser
Optimizing Your Wound Care Workflow to Improve Outcomes
Kent Imaging Becomes Net Health's First Integrated Imaging Device
An in-vitro Pressure Mapping Evaluation of Fuzzy Wale Compression with Multi-Layered Compression