Injectable Allograft Adipose Matrix*: A Natural Off-the-Shelf Alternative for Soft Tissue Filling

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Supporting Presenters

Kokai LE,
Schilling BK
Huang YC
Imming EA
Karunamurthy A
Khouri RK
D’Amico RA
Coleman SR
Marra KG
Rubin JP

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An off-the-shelf natural soft-tissue augmentation matrix has been developed from allogeneic adipose tis-sue. This Allograft Adipose Matrix (AAM) retains the endogenous matrix proteins and growth factors necessary for cellular infiltration, angiogenesis and adipogenesis. In vitro studies with adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) seeded on hydrated AAM showcase cell attachment and infiltration within 3 days followed by differentiation in-to functional adipocytes within 7-14 days. AAM injected subcutaneously in the dorsum of immunocompromised nude mice supported new vessel formation and adipogenesis starting at 3 weeks, with progressive increase in adipocyte density at 12 up to 24 weeks as evidenced by Masson’s trichrome and perilipin A histological stain-ing. A clinical study at the dorsal wrist with 15 patients evaluated safety and graft retention (qualitatively). The injected matrix was safe with no severe adverse events and became palpably consistent with subcutaneous adipose tissue. Histological evaluation demonstrated presence of adipocytes in the injected matrix.

AAM is a novel off-the-shelf adipose-derived injectable matrix, which represents a natural, safe alternative for soft-tissue filling.

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