The Wound Certification Prep Course

Prepare for your Wound Certification Board Exams and earn Continuing Education credit. This 17-hour intensive seminar taught by nationally recognized experts and educators in wound care.

After completing this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Outline the etiology of chronic wounds and extrinsic factors that contribute to and affect wound healing outcomes.
  • Describe the phases of wound healing and the associated microenvironment, cellular components and their functions in wound healing.
  • Identify the anatomy of the skin and other important structures.
  • Assess research and evidence related to wound management.
  • Describe specific diagnostic tests, examination tests, lab tests and measures related to wound assessment and management.
  • Identify the components of wound assessment and documentation.
  • Identify methods for recognizing soft tissue and bone infections, bioburden management and treatment of local and systemic infections.
  • Discuss nutritional factors and the underlying deficiencies that impact wound healing.
  • Relate the psychosocial and cognitive aspects to patient outcomes in wound repair.
  • Describe specific treatment interventions for chronic wounds including debridement, topical therapies, and biophysical expertise.

Courses are offered in New York, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Miami, Memphis, Ann Arbor, Atlantic City, San Diego, Charleston SC, Columbus, Chicago, St. Louis, Mystic CT, Bloomington, Las Vegas, Baltimore, New Orleans

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