6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Changing Jobs

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By Heather Koitzsch, RD

Are you considering a change in your current career path? You're not alone – according to a report by the Conference Board, the New York-based nonprofit research group, less than 50% of US workers are satisfied with their jobs.

Whether you're a seasoned nurse, a new grad, or pursuing a new certification to advance your career, looking for a new job takes consistent energy. Some days it can even feel like the search is your second full-time job. This daunting process can make you wonder if it is even worth it to change jobs. So what do you do? One question to ask is – can you really afford *not* to change your job?

Evaluating your current job

Assessing your job and how it meets your personal and professional needs is the first step. Some key questions to consider in assessing your job satisfaction are:

  • Do I enjoy what I'm currently doing in my position?
  • Do I feel challenged and/or rewarded in my job?
  • Does this job provide me with enough income?
  • Does this job match my training and/or qualifications?
  • Does my current employer afford me the option to advance in my career?
  • How is my work environment? Am I able to make positive contributions to my facility or company?

Determining the need for a shift in your career in health care is the first step. If you require more money, better working conditions, greater scheduling flexibility, a new challenge or maybe all of the above, then you may consider a change in jobs. Addressing the questions above will also help you determine what type of position would be a better fit for you.

Getting started with your job search

If you do decide it is time for a change, plan to set aside time every day (or almost every day) to devote to your career. This may include searching online job postings, calling up a facility to ask a few questions, or talking to mentors, colleagues or people who have been instrumental in your career.

Ask questions and learn about new job opportunities in wound care. Some frequently asked questions that health care professionals seeking new employment have asked in the WoundSource Career Center "Ask the Expert" forum include:

  • How can I develop a network? I just don't know that many people!
  • What do I say when asked in an interview, "Tell me about yourself"?
  • How do I respond when the employer asks, "What are your salary requirements"?
  • I send out resumes but never get interviews. What am I doing wrong?
  • How long should I wait after an interview to hear from an employer?

As you begin the search for a new job in wound care, prepare yourself for the "next steps". Promise yourself to take action today! A completed task, such as finding an answer to your own question, adding a connection to your network or updating your resume or CV, as insignificant as it may seem, will move you closer to your employment goals.

But first, ask yourself: "Can I really afford *not* to change my job?"

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