Cell Constructs Rebrands to ProgenaCare Global in Commitment to Multi-Discipline Approach to Solve Problems of Wound Care Worldwide

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Marietta, GA – July 01, 2021 – Chronic wounds are a ubiquitous cause of suffering for humanity worldwide. Despite payors spending vast sums for treatment, suffering continues largely unabated. As part of its concerted effort to bring accessible solutions to this critical issue, Cell Constructs is changing its name to ProgenaCare Global to reflect its pioneering of a brand-new approach.

The company is building a five-discipline attack on the problem. This unique approach will combine advanced wound care products based on its human keratin platform, with knowledge acquisition and dissemination utilizing artificial intelligence. Novel business practices have also been developed to de-risk use of its offerings. Finally, ProgenaCare is forming alliances with providers of care, called Progenitors™, to collect data and design and test the programs. The company promises to reveal more details in coming months on its multi-disciplinary approach.

“We spent the first years of our company’s life creating a better product mousetrap: ProgenaMatrix™, and a pipeline of follow-on embodiments of the human keratin platform," says Bert Jones, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of ProgenaCare. “Clinical results have been thrilling. We began commercialization of our first product in late 2020. But we know better products alone are not enough to solve the problem."

This realization led to the company rebranding itself to reflect its new multi-discipline approach. “We seek more than just a superior, more cost-effective product,” says Jones. “We are creating a process, within a global context, that offers a radical advancement in knowledge harvesting and sharing and the alliances to make it happen,” Jones states.

That process of effective knowledge generation and sharing, according to Jones, changes the future of wound care since lack of access to knowledge is the biggest unsolved problem of care. The company is developing technologies to fill the needs of health care practices around the world – across the socioeconomic spectrum.

“Our goal is to assemble a caring consortium of like-minded people who are seeking solutions to the challenges of wound care, healing, health care, and access to knowledge,” states Jones. “Overcoming the crisis of chronic wounds will take a team of experts from multiple fields dedicated to making wound care affordable, understandable, and effective and as ubiquitous as the problem itself.”

"ProgenaCare Global is an ambitious new wound care company with a promising human keratin technology together with innovative and transformative business strategies. I am excited to see how they are going to improve wound care globally," said Dr. Ryan Chatelain, DPM of East Tennessee State University Health Care, who was the company's first Progenitor partner.

About ProgenaCare Global
ProgenaCare Global is a multi-discipline company focused on solutions for global wound care. It was founded in 2008 by biopolymer scientist Dr. Tom Barrows, PhD and medical device entrepreneur John Daniel, with primary funding by Bert Jones.

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