Curiato, Inc. Pre-Clinical Validation Study Survey for Pressure Injury Prevention Protection Status
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Kitchener, Ontario – May 5, 2018 – Curiato, Inc., a seed-stage startup, is seeking wound care practitioners active in the treatment and prevention of pressure injuries to participate in a five minute online survey. Results will be used to support a pre-clinical validation study on the use of innovative data science technology to eliminate pressure injuries/ulcers.

The promising technology was developed in collaboration with wound care providers, patients and researchers and has demonstrated significant potential for the management of pressure injuries and quality of life improvement for patients. Curiato, Inc., has won numerous awards and recognition, most recently at RESI JPM in San Francisco, selected as one of top 30 global health care startups. Curiato, Inc. is supported by internationally renowned tech incubators, Ontario Centres of Excellence, NRC-IRAP and the Waterloo-Wellington Health Integration Network. Survey results will contribute to final design considerations prior to product production for clinical study.

To participate in the development of this advanced technology research, sign-up here.

About Curatio, Inc.
Curatio is a social health platform that gives patients a private community of peers and mobile tools that help track, simplify and manage recovery and disease. For more information, visit

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