EO2 Announces Next Generation Oxygen Delivery System for Full Wound Closure At-Home

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San Antonio – July 2020 – EO2 Concepts® announced the release of an enhanced version of their full wound closure, at-home therapy system. The upgrade of the system consists of new and improved features for both the medical device, called the OxyGeni®, and the OxySpur® wound dressings.

The OxyGeni and the OxySpur Oxygen Diffusion Dressings combine to provide a standalone, full wound closure system that provides Continuous Diffusion of Oxygen (CDO) Therapy. The system provides advanced wound care therapy a continuous (24/7) flow of pure humidified oxygen, that is silent and can be discreetly and worn by the patient. CDO Therapy with this system may offer full closure and pain relief to patients suffering with chronic wounds, including diabetic and other healing-compromised patients. The upgrades to the system will allow many patients at high risk for COVID-19 to stay at home, while still receiving an advanced oxygen treatment prescribed by physicians using new telehelath programs.

The OxyGeni replaces the TransCu O2. The OxyGeni employs a more versatile Micro USB charger. Every patient will receive a Micro USB Battery Pack to enable the patient to not only receive therapy on the move, but also be able charge anywhere at any time. The battery life has also been extended to over 48 hours, while also offering improved accuracy of the battery status and the management of the charging function. The OxyGeni also comes with a choice of convenient carrying options.

The OxySpur Oxygen Diffusion Dressings have been updated with blue bubbles on the top in order to help identify the top, occlusive layer, of the dressing from the bottom, foam layer, allowing for easier at home dressing changes, guided by a clinician.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has impeded many patients from being able to attend their routine wound care appointments, EO2 Concepts and their CDO Therapy have been able to offer physicians using telehealth programs more at-home therapy to patients, especially in the New York City area.

"We are happy to continue offering full closure and pain relief to our patients treated at home during this pandemic who can't get to the wound care center," said Joe Moffett, President and CEO of EO2 Concepts. "We are thankful for all of the wound care clinicians who continue to work through this crisis, and grateful that we could step in to help keep wound care patients out of the facilities Emergency Rooms."

About EO2
EO2 is an advanced wound care technology company and developer of an FDA cleared Class II medical device that provides continuous diffusion therapy to difficult-to-heal wounds.

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