EZ Debride is Now Available in South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei

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September 1, 2021 – San Antonio, TX – EZ Debride, a registered and patented brand of MDM Wound Ventures Inc. developed and manufactured out of San Antonio and Kerrville, Texas, is announcing the distribution agreement with UCT Medical Co Ltd. Seoul, South Korea and with Intega Healthcare, Singapore.

“UCT MEDICAL CO., LTD. is happy to launch EZ Debride in Korea," said John Lee, President/CEO, UCT MEDICAL CO., LTD. "UCT Medical was founded in 2010, has been managing sales and marketing with global business partners as an exclusive distributor. UCT has successfully launched various products, especially for wound, neurosurgery, and orthopedic surgery, and built a good reputation with customers. UCT will use much effort to promote EZ Debride’s efficiency and safety. We genuinely believe that EZ Debride will help both doctors and patients.”

“Partnering with UCT Medical allows EZ Debride’s availability into South Korea, which is very important to our mission and growth. They have a dedicated team needed for the distribution of EZ Debride in The Republic of South Korea. We are excited to have them aboard.” Said Derek T. Denton, CEO, MDM Wound Ventures, Inc.

EZ Debride has also partnered with Intega Healthcare in Singapore. “At Intega Healthcare, we are excited to partner with MDM Ventures to introduce EZ Debride to our customers. EZ Debride is an innovative product that will offer clinicians an option to safely remove non-viable tissues with precision and minimal discomfort for patients. EZ Debride complements our innovative Wound Care Portfolio that comprises cellular-therapy and regenerative-tissue treatments, advanced wound care, surgical, and wound closure range. The partnership with MDM is allowing us to offer our clinicians a complete set of products and services which expands their patient treatment options.” Rebecca Ng, Business Development and Operations Director at Intega Healthcare.

Intega Healthcare is a specialist healthcare, medical device, and healthcare services company based out of Singapore committed to providing access to affordable, high-quality healthcare products and first-class treatments throughout the ASEAN Region in Southeast Asia with a population of more than one 650 million People.

“Partnering with Intega Healthcare allows EZ Debride’s availability into Southeast Asia, which is very important to our mission and growth. Their well-established team will distribute EZ Debride in the ASEAN region of Southeast Asia. We are excited to have a partner in this important region.” Derek T. Denton, CEO, MDM Wound Ventures, Inc.

EZ Debride was awarded a “Top Innovation” by Wound Management and Prevention. Designed by a surgeon, EZ Debride is a simple to use, sharp debridement instrument that can allow clinicians with little or no prior debriding experience to confidently and precisely debride wounds (with proper training).

EZ Debride is available for purchase in the United States at ezdebride.com, with expansion plans for Canada, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and other countries and territories.

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