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Baltimore, MD – April 12, 2016 – Gemstone Biotherapeutics LLC (Gemstone Bio), a Baltimore-based regenerative medicine company, has created a strategic alliance with Winthrop-University Hospital (Winthrop) focused on developing and bringing patient-focused, evidence-based products to the advanced wound care market.

Gemstone Bio will utilize Winthrop's internationally recognized wound healing specialists to refine and clinically validate its current wound healing technology. The two parties will also collaborate on research projects that will uncover new breakthroughs and insights in the wound care field, leading to precision diagnostics and improved products.

"This partnership will allow Gemstone Bio and Winthrop to greatly benefit from each other's experience and expertise," said George Davis, chief executive officer of Gemstone Bio. "We have a track record of taking new and promising wound care technology and transitioning it from 'lab to bedside.' Winthrop's team of wound healing clinicians work 24/7 on creating better treatments of patients with chronic and serious wounds. This combination will expose those technicians to innovative new products while allowing our technology to be validated in one of the world's best wound healing clinics."

Dr. Harold Brem, Chief, Division of Wound Healing & Regenerative Medicine at Winthrop University Hospital and professor of surgery at Stony Brook School of Medicine, leads the Winthrop Wound Healing Center. His team specializes in what have traditionally been considered "non-healing" wounds. The Center also operates a well-developed research program that continually investigates new approaches to wound healing.

"Our mission is to heal every wound and prevent hospital readmissions, particularly for elderly or diabetic patients," said Dr. Brem. "This partnership will help us better achieve this goal by developing breakthrough technologies that can be applied in the near term, and by conducting the vigorous research needed to find the breakthroughs of the future. Gemstone Bio is the perfect partner to work with on both fronts."

Winthrop will clinically evaluate two Gemstone Bio technologies, including its existing biosynthetic scaffold, which has shown to improve wound healing in a study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, and its angiotensin receptor blocker-based technology newly licensed from Johns Hopkins University. The two organizations are also planning studies to identify biomarkers to bring precision medicine to advanced wound care, which will improve patients' outcomes through proper treatment selection.

About Gemstone Biotherapeutics
Gemstone Biotherapeutics LLC (Gemstone Bio), an award-winning regenerative medicine company based in Baltimore, is developing devices and therapeutics for advanced wound care. The company's core technologies target cellular deficiencies to promote tissue repair and regeneration. Gemstone is advancing these technologies, originally created in laboratories at the School of Engineering and Medicine at Johns Hopkins University. For more information, visit

About Winthrop-University Hospital
The Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Program at Winthrop-University Hospital provides patients with expert and specialized treatment of persistent or chronic wounds. Through the compassionate care, advanced technology and multidisciplinary approach that have become Winthrop's hallmark, the Hospital's Wound Healing team uses a comprehensive approach to diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

The Wound Healing Center at Winthrop draws upon the expertise of vascular surgeons; general surgeons; plastic surgeons; infectious disease specialists; internists and podiatrists, and offers personalized care in a comforting, state-of-the-art outpatient facility. For additional information about the Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Program at Winthrop, call 1-866-WINTHROP or visit

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