"GI Didn't Know That": The Ileal Conduit Urinary Diversion

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Part 2 in an educational video series exploring ostomy procedures, appliance use and ostomy management

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by Joy Hooper RN, BSN, CWOCN

There are various types of urinary diversions. One of the most common urinary diversions is the ileal conduit. The ileal conduit actually borrows a segment of bowel to create the stoma, causing the patient to undergo surgery on the GI tract as well as the urinary system. An ileal conduit is an incontinent urinary diversion and will require the use of an external pouch.

The following video will help further explain the surgical procedure involved in creating an ileal conduit using a section of the small intestine.

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Joy Hooper RN, BSN, CWOCN is a nurse entrepreneur with twenty years of experience working in a variety of hospital and in-home care settings. Ms. Hooper is an avid advocate advocating for ostomy awareness and bowel sensibility having founded the Southern Georgia Ostomy Association. She routinely makes house calls to wound and ostomy patients within her region and provides lectures in colleges and health care facilities.

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Thank you for sharing this educational video about ileal conduit. You mentioned that the mucus coming out of the stoma is normal and it does not indicate that something is wrong. How long will that segment of the small intestine produce the mucus? What needs to be done with the mucus? Should it be left there or should it be removed each time it comes out?


Hello Virginia,
Thank you for your questions. The segment of small intestine used for the conduit can continue to produce the mucous indefinitely because this is what is was designed to do; to protect itself from the intestinal content and to keep the contents sliding through easily. Nothing need be done about the mucous in the pouch unless it begins to clog the pouches outlet spout. Should the mucous begin to clog the spout, you could use the product "Mucosperse Mucous Dispersant" to dissolve mucous build-up in urinary pouches and other collection devices. MUCOSPERSE Mucous Dispersant is available from Marlen Manufacturing and a few other on-line ostomy supply companies.

Thanks again for your questions.

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