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Irving, TX – March 2, 2015 – GWM Products, LLC, manufacturer of the RTD® Wound Care Dressing announced today it has changed its name to Keneric Healthcare. The name change comes as part of the company's plan to continue building its presence in the advanced wound care market. Under the new Keneric Healthcare name, the company plans to expand its product offerings for the RTD Wound Dressing line and its portfolio of advanced wound care products.

"We're delighted to announce this name change," said Dr. Jean Achterberg, President of Keneric Healthcare. "The company's new name more clearly articulates our mission in the healthcare marketplace as we develop new innovative products and expand our reach globally."

Dr. Achterberg added that demand for, and reaction to, RTD® has been extremely strong and positive since it re-entered the market in late 2013.

"We're proud to be making a real difference in wound care outcomes and patient satisfaction. In terms of economic impact, we've repeatedly shown that RTD® is effective in closing chronic and hard-to-heal wounds," she said.

GWM Products, LLC acquired the rights to RTD® Wound Dressing in 2013 and had received substantial financial support from its major shareholder, Keneric Group. Altogether, the company is well positioned as a significant player in the advanced wound care market. The company will be expanding its sales operation, accelerating product development, and establishing new partnership initiatives. Keneric Healthcare is expanding its distribution for RTD® Wound Dressing globally which was kicked off by its launch of RTD® Wound Dressing in Mexico last month.

RTD® effectively manages the wound environment, improves healing without maceration, and decreases pain following application. It absorbs at least 20 times its weight and is more than 25% more absorbent than other dye-based dressings on the market. RTD® Wound Dressing draws infectious exudate away from the wound bed through the capillary action of the foam and the electrostatic and antimicrobial mechanism of the active ingredients (Methylene Blue, Gentian Violet and Silver).

About Keneric Healthcare (formerly GWM Products, LLC)
Based in Irving, Texas, Keneric Healthcare manufactures and distributes RTD®, a line of advanced wound care products. RTD® is the only dressing that combines the antimicrobial and antifungal properties of methylene blue and gentian violet with the added benefits of silver. Keneric Healthcare provides innovative wound care products that address the multiple priorities of wound healing while supporting the economic and time-saving needs of healthcare providers.

RTD® is FDA cleared and is indicated for the treatment of partial to full thickness wounds with moderate to heavy exudate. RTD® is available in various sizes and thicknesses.

To learn more, please go to
Contact: Al Henry, CEO of Keneric Healthcare 1-855-872-2013

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