HealOmni and MedcoAmerica Agree to Partnership

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By the WoundSource Editors

Kansas, Mo – April 28, 2017 – HealOmni, a Kansas-City-based health care software company, together with MedcoAmerica, have signed an agreement for partnership to integrate HealOmni's Negative Pressure Wound Therapy remote-access hardware/software solution into all of MedcoAmerica's existing fleet. "This is an exciting partnership for us," says Mark Hastings, HealOmni President/CEO, "The MedcoAmerica team is a leader in the south for Negative Pressure, and have a real focus on enhancing the service they are offering to both patients and clinicians alike. With HealOmni, they will be able to provide that service."

The signing of MedcoAmerica is the latest effort of HealOmni's footprint within the healthcare industry. "Our sole focus is enhancing the continuum of care as it pertains to medical devices. Within just a year, HealOmni has been able to secure several contracts, both international and domestic, for our 'Remote Access' solution," says Hastings. The solution allows users to connect to their medical devices in real time to monitor, troubleshoot, and track products. Additional, exciting partnerships will be announced in the up and coming months.

About HealOmni
HealOmni is advancing remote access, GPS and drop detection technology for medical device. As a leading provider of customized, scalable, cost-effective "real-time" equipment management solutions, the company assists organizations serving every type of patient populations at any healthcare facilities. HealOmni's ideas, design and inventions have driven the evolution of digital communication, linking clinicians, distributors, manufacturers and patients more closely to real- data information and each other. For more information, please visit www.healomni.com.

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