Kent Imaging Becomes Net Health's First Integrated Imaging Device Protection Status
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Pittsburgh, January 21, 2021 – Tissue Analytics, a Net Health company that provides software solutions for the wound care industry, announced today that the company has partnered with Calgary, Canada-based Kent Imaging, Inc. to be the first member of its new application programming interface (APIs) program. The API was announced in December, with additional partners scheduled to join in the coming months.

Kent Imaging develops, manufactures, and markets oxygenation imaging medical technology that supports real-time decision making in wound care, vascular and surgical subspecialties. Tissue Analytics provides artificial intelligence-powered software and wound imaging solutions that serve hospitals, post-acute facilities, and clinical trials.

The new agreement with Net Health enables Kent Imaging to expand the footprint and interoperability of their flagship product, SnapshotNIR®, which utilizes near-infrared light to determine tissue oxygen saturation (StO2), a key indicator of tissue health. Through the technology, clinicians are better able to plan appropriate interventions, reduce complications and improve outcomes.

Net Health’s API also enables vendors to benefit from the company’s downstream connections with leading wound care electronic health record (EHR) systems, including Net Health® Wound Care (formerly WoundExpert®), as well as Cerner, Epic and others.

“Kent Imaging is excited to work with Net Health through the Tissue Analytics API to ensure that critical information on the state of a wound is incorporated into the patient record at every visit,” said Pierre Lemire, CEO of Kent Imaging. “The integrated product streamlines workflow while providing documented tissue oxygenation data to complete the patient chart. By making our product interoperable with leading EMRs, we are ensuring that a wide range of clinicians and patients can access our innovative technology.”

Dr. Luc Marengere, Managing Partner, TVM Capital Life Science and member of the Board of Directors at Kent Imaging, also applauds the new partnership. "Clear unmet needs in wound care, such as non-healing wounds, are a huge burden with respect to patient outcome and ever-rising health care costs. Delivering innovative solutions through partnership provides synergy in responding positively to this growing concern.”

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About Net Health
Net Health is a leader in software solutions for specialized outpatient care. Integrated end-to-end solutions include EMRs, practice management tools, clinical documentation, patient-reported outcomes, predictive analytics, RCM and professional services.

About Kent Imaging, Inc.
Kent Imaging's device enables an instant assessment of tissue oxygenation, providing critical information to identify at-risk tissue and guide treatments to optimize patient outcomes and improving the understanding and treatment of wounds.

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