SteadMed Medical Release New Drawtex® Surgical Dressing, A Hydroconductive Surgical Dressing with LevaFiber™ Technology Protection Status
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Fort Worth, TX – December 12, 2016 – SteadMed Medical, a provider of acute and chronic wound care products, announced it has developed a new dressing with their core Drawtex® Hydroconductive Dressing Technology that assists in the management of surgical incisions.

Drawtex, a patented wound dressing with LevaFiber™ Technology, provides effective wound bed preparation through three active mechanisms: capillary, hydroconductive and electrostatic. The combined use of these three mechanisms results in the drawing ability demonstrated to draw off excessive wound exudate, harmful bacteria, deleterious cytokines and necrotic debris from the wound. SteadMed worked closely with key surgeons across the country and built the product to best reflect what surgeons wanted most.

Drawtex Surgical Dressing is constructed with a clear hydrocolloid which provides a waterproof barrier, allowing the patient to resume most normal day-to-day activities including showering. The hydrocolloid dressing has a cutout window for Drawtex to be in intimate contact with the incision. Lastly, the Drawtex and hydrocolloid are covered with a polyurethane film which pairs transparency with an 1840 moisture vapor transmission rate that allows for both easy monitoring of discolored drainage and evaporation of fluid absorbed into the dressing.

SteadMed Medical continues to dedicate its resources toward innovation in the acute and chronic wound care markets both in the United States and across the world. This product is the first of many new innovations coming for the Drawtex family of products.

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About SteadMed Medical
SteadMed Medical provides comprehensive solutions for institutions and clinicians caring for patients who suffer from wound and skin complications. Providing high quality, innovative products while keeping costs competitive.

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