Steadmed Medical Releases New Vashe® Wipes Kit and Sterile Sleeve Accessory Protection Status
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FORT WORTH, Texas – May 16, 2017 – SteadMed Medical, a leading provider of acute and chronic wound and skin care products, announces it has developed a new kit that packages Vashe® Wound Solution into a convenient pack with 8 wipes, as well as an accessory to complement its Vashe® Wound Solution to deliver the product to skin with challenging bathing needs.

Vashe®, a patented wound solution, is recognized as a highly safe and effective wound solution for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds. This is because a unique molecule, hypochlorous acid, acts as a preservative in the solution. Hypochlorous acid is utterly unique in that it is completely non-cytotoxic to host cells and extremely effective in in vitro tests at antimicrobial effectiveness. Vashe® Wound Solution has demonstrated a unique ability to not only preserve host cells during use, but also superior efficacy in its ability to physically assist in the removal of microorganisms from wounds.

The new Vashe® Wipes Kit allows for clinicians to bathe patients who need debris and microorganisms removed from their skin to protect from infection. Vashe® Wound Solution is beneficial because it is produced at a pH between 5 and 5.5, just like our natural skin. Its high safety profile is ideal for high-risk patients because it is safe to use even around the face and genitalia. With the introduction of the Vashe® Sterile Sleeve, more patients will be able to benefit from this unique, patented wound solution.

SteadMed Medical constantly strives for innovation and solutions for healthcare professionals. "Helping clinicians help patients," was the mission statement coined by Michael Steadman, President and CEO of SteadMed Medical. He commented, "The Vashe® Wipes Kit is just another way that we can have a greater impact on patients in desperate need for effective skin cleansing solutions." About the Vashe® Sterile Sleeve, Steadman added that it is "a perfect example of how we have incorporated clinical feedback into new product development. This product will make life easier for clinicians who understand the benefit of Vashe® and also allow the product to reach more patients who need its benefits." SteadMed continues to dedicate its resources toward innovation in the acute and chronic wound care and skin care markets, both in the United States and across the world.

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