Vapogenix Reports Successful Pain Relief in Wounds with Topical Non-Opioid Pain Mediation Protection Status
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October 29, 2019 – Houston, TX – Vapogenix, a clinical-stage company developing a new class of topical non-opioid, lidocaine-free analgesics, today announced results of a Phase II clinical trial of its lead product, VPX638, which demonstrate rapid onset and sustained duration of pain relief and reduced opioid use for patients with painful wounds.

"The data strongly suggests that this novel class of non-opioid analgesics has the potential to provide substantial pain relief for patients with all types of wounds, including diabetic foot ulcers and venous ulcers, burns and non-healing traumatic and post-surgical wounds," said Vapogenix CEO Heather Giles, Ph.D.

Analysis revealed that the patients experienced a significant decrease in pain for 8, 12 and even 24 hours after receiving VPX638. The trial, which was conducted in Australia, did not achieve its primary endpoint, most likely due to study design issues. However, in addition to the sustained reduction in pain, there was a substantial decrease in opioid use among the patients and no evidence of systemic or local adverse side effects.

"The national opioid epidemic combined with the continuing clinical need for pain relief creates an urgent demand for Vapogenix’s pipeline of non-opioid analgesics," Giles added. "There is a compelling need for new pain medications that are opioid sparing and are safe with no systemic side effects."

In the Phase II trial, 50% fewer VPX638 patients required opioids for the 24 hours post-drug application. The number of opioid free patients in that 24 hour period was 31% higher than in the control group, and there were no observed systemic side effects among patients who received VPX638. In addition, patients receiving the medication experienced a decrease in opioid use during the night, suggesting a reduction in sleep interruption.

"The overall positive data coupled with the need for non-opioid pain medicines clearly warrant further study and development of VPX638," said Prof. Michael Woodward, M.D., of the University of Melbourne and Past President of the Australian Wound Management Association. "Wound pain is a huge problem and to have an analgesic that can reduce the need for narcotic prescriptions would be a true breakthrough."

Pat Aldons, MBBS, FRACP, Senior Visiting Consultant Physician at The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane, added, "Pain is often the worst symptom associated with wounds and it can delay a patient's recovery. A topical analgesic with a long duration of action would be a really significant advance."

About Vapogenix:
Vapogenix, based in Houston, TX, is a clinical stage company developing a new class of topical, non-opioid analgesics to alleviate pain. To learn more about Vapogenix, visit

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