Ways You Can Support Advancements in Wound Care Education and Research

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by Mary Ellen Posthauer RDN, CD, LD, FAND

I was fascinated by the incredible amount of money that was donated to various organizations on December 2nd – the day declared as a National Day of Giving. This movement started in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation as a response to the commercialization of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This prompted me to Google wound care foundations and indeed there are numerous organizations seeking donations to further research and education endeavors. Here are a few that I found.

The Hope of Healing Foundation

The Hope of Healing Foundation is dedicated to limb salvage and wound healing, bringing hope to those who suffer from wounds and are facing amputation. The mission of this foundation is to educate the public and medical professionals about, and advocate for, methods of preventing amputations and promoting wound healing. A donation helps reduce amputation rates by education to both wound care professionals and the public, by hosting public foot screenings, and providing financial assistance to those who are unable to afford the attention they deserve. When you purchase from Amazon Smile and mention the foundation, 0.5% of price of your purchase returns to the Foundation.

The Wound Healing Society Foundation

The Wound Healing Society Foundation's mission is to improve the quality of life for wound healing patients and their families through support of awareness, research and education. Funding from individuals, members and corporate sponsors gives the foundation the opportunity to offer a wide variety of worthwhile programs, including endowed lectures, outreach programs (wounded warrior athletes and warrior care kits), education programs for both patients and clinicians, and research programs which includes grants and scholarships. The WHSF partnered with Goodshop.com, which donates 20% of your purchase to the foundation.

The Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurses (WOCN) Foundation

The Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurses (WOCN) Foundation's goal is to raise and disseminate funding for educational and research activities related to wound, ostomy and continence nursing. The WOCN aims to achieve these objectives for the betterment of the WOC community and to further advance their patients' quality of life. The WOCN Foundation awards educational scholarships twice a year to deserving individuals committed to working within the wound, ostomy and continence nursing specialty. Supporting the foundation ensures that this specialty nursing practice will continue to advance and guide the delivery of care to patients with wounds, ostomies and incontinence.

The Bates-Jenson Wound Reach Foundation

The mission of the Bates-Jenson Wound Reach Foundation is to improve wound research, education and clinical health for patients and clinicians globally. Dr. Barbara Bates-Jensen launched the foundation shortly after she traveled to Haiti in 2010 to assist in the recovery from their devastating earthquake. If you know Barbara, you are aware of her endless enthusiasm and dedication to the wound care profession. The Bates-Jensen Wound Reach Foundation supports local wound care centers and globally they provide scholarships for health care providers to travel to resource poor countries to provide education and training in basic wound care. OUCH! Races around the country raise awareness about the goals of the foundation. The Wound Reach Foundation will donate race proceeds from the May 2, 2015 San Antonio, Texas, OUCH! Race to create a clinical research grant via the Wound Healing Society Foundation.

I have only mentioned a few of the many worthy foundations that deserve our consideration as we think about our personal day of giving. Of course, giving doesn't need to always be monetary, but could be a combination of both your time and your treasures. Don't forget those thousands of wound care patients around the globe who are suffering from the lack of supplies, treatment, and compassion. Do your part to alleviate their pain and improve their quality of life.

Enjoy the holiday season with your friends and family and remember to give to those who need our physical and financial assistance.

About The Author
Mary Ellen Posthauer RDN, CD, LD, FAND is an award winning dietitian, consultant for MEP Healthcare Dietary Services, published author, and member of the Purdue University Hall of Fame, Department of Foods and Nutrition, having held positions on numerous boards and panels including the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel and the American Dietetic Association's Unintentional Weight Loss work group.

The views and opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author, and do not represent the views of WoundSource, Kestrel Health Information, Inc., its affiliates, or subsidiary companies.

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