Wound Care Management System Swift Wound XL Launches Across the United States

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By the WoundSource Editors

Toronto, ON – May 4, 2017 – Swift Medical recently announced the U.S. launch of Swift Wound XL, a leading wound management system that includes point-of-care measurement and analysis tools, real-time Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration, and advanced remote collaboration capability. Swift Wound, an FDA-registered medical device, leverages recent advances in machine vision and machine learning technology, delivering improved patient engagement, advanced healing outcome tracking, and unprecedented insight into population health and wound-risk analytics. This U.S launch follows Swift's availability throughout Canada and comes on the heels of their announcement with leading electronic record provider, PointClickCare who this past October announced that Swift would power their skin and wound solution.

"This launch marks the first time Swift Wound XL is broadly available to wound care providers throughout the United States," says Sarah Cox, Swift VP Business Development. "Swift caters to organizations including EMR providers, acute care hospitals, wound clinics, and home health providers who embrace the improved healing outcomes and cost savings made possible by the latest imaging and machine learning technology. We have established partnerships with industry leaders and continue to evolve discussions with organizations who are eager to take advantage of this advancement in wound care management in order to create the best patient experience possible."

Swift Wound XL leverages the latest machine vision technology, allowing clinicians and patients to see realistic and strikingly vivid visuals that represent actual wound healing. The system includes Swift Wound, a mobile app that provides point-of-care measurement and analysis tools. When combined with Swift HealX™, a bio-compatible marker that scientifically calibrates wound measurements, Swift turns the ubiquitous smartphone into a precision digital planimetry device. Data can be shared immediately between wound team members who use the app and can be viewed instantly with Metrics, the Swift XL dashboard. Also, in recognition that wound care is part of a larger ecosystem, Swift has deep expertise integrating their wound care management solution with an organization's own EMR. The result is a smooth and seamless experience that starts at point-of-care and continues through every aspect of wound care management up to and including organization-wide wound analytics.

"Swift's deep technical expertise in providing comprehensive wound care management solutions means this move into the United States marks the next stage in Swift's promise to deliver advanced wound healing outcomes and cost-­effective wound care management solutions to every patient, every doctor, and every nurse, everywhere," said Carlo Perez, co-­founder and CEO of Swift Medical. "It is our hope that Swift Wound will empower the incredibly knowledgeable and skilled wound care professionals who work throughout the United States, as well as the forward-thinking, business-savvy organizations they work for."

About Swift Medical
Swift Medical is a leader in machine imaging technology for the healthcare industry. The company's HIPAA-compliant, collaborative wound care management system, Swift Wound XL, brings the accuracy of digital planimetrics to the ubiquitous smartphone, allowing clinicians to automatically image, measure, assess and document wounds at point-of-care and securely collaborate in real-time, whether across a unit or a continent.

Swift's machine vision technology greatly improves data consistency, resulting in better tracking of wound healing. Swift Wound XL, together with Swift's Metrics dashboard and EMR integration technology, represents a new generation in wound care management technology.

For more information, visit www.swiftmedical.com.

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