Wound Healing Foundation: 2021 Awards and Volunteer Opportunities

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Help to Heal - Volunteer
Did you know you could help heal wounds by volunteering? The Foundation needs volunteers to help improve wound awareness, raise money for wound research, and promote wound education.

Quick facts on why wounds matter:

  • Chronic wounds are a significant global burden to patients and health care professionals.
  • In the U.S, chronic wounds affect 6.5 million patients at an estimated cost of $25 billion annually.
  • Wounds have a five-year mortality rate that is greater than almost all cancers.
  • Wounds impact everyone from premature babies to the elderly
  • Wounds affect the quality of life for the patient and their families and there is a social stigma around them.

The good news is that you can make a difference. By volunteering with WHF, you too can improve awareness, research, and education about wounds. The Foundation has projects that can take as little as five minutes to complete to ones that run for multiple months. If you have a skill or passion you are willing to share and at least five minutes, then volunteer today.

Apply here.

2021 Awards
The Wound Healing Foundation gave out a new record of 50 awards this year. Did you miss the ceremony? Here's what you missed.

WHF Special Service to the President Awards: H. Paul Ehrlich, PhD, Komel V. Grover, MBA, Paul Y. Liu, MD
WHF-Thomas K. Hunt Lecture: Randy Schekman, PhD
WHF-Medline Corius Innovations Award: Carlos Zgheib, MD
WHF-3M Fellowship: Rivka Stone, MD, PhD
WHF Paul Ehrlich Rising Star Award: Swathi Balaji, PhD
Anita Roberts Award: Rivka Stone, MD, PhD
Translational Regenerative Science Award: Susan Volk, DVM and Amitava Das, PhD
Junior Faculty Award: Kanhaiya Singh, PhD
Young Investigator Award Winner: Shamik Mascharak
Young Investigator Award Finalists: Walker D. Short, Jelena Marjanovic, Umang M Parikh
Young Investigator Award Candidates: Nicholas Guardino, Dominic Henn, Juan F Cortes Troncoso, Ana Tellechea
Summer Research Fellowship Award: Shayan Saeed
Trainee Travel Scientific Merit Awards: Christopher Audu, Proma Basu, Vivien Chen, Anne Chenchar, Alex Cheong, Kaiti Duan, Mohamed El Masry, Gayathri Ganesh, Nandini Ghosh, Jayson Jay, Jane Kim, Upasana Niyogi, Katelyn Rivas, Dhruv Seshadri
Industrial R &D Poster Winner: Jon Senkowsky
Industrial R &D Poster Awards: Jon Senkowsky, Victoria Stefanelli, Vojtӗch Pavlik, Katrina Harmon, Paul Bonvallet, Victoria Stefanelli, Abram Janis, John McQuillings, Sadanori Akita
SAWC Nurse Scholar: Junglyun Kim
SAWC Research Scholar: James Holmes
SAWC Physician Scholar: Michelle Griffin
Graciousness in Giving Award: Medline Corius
Legacy in Giving Award: 3M
Scientific Merit Scholarships: eKare Inc

The Foundation offers congratulations to all award recipients.

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