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Volume 2 No. 10 | May 19, 2012:

Spotlight on: NPWT
Wound Care in Crisis – "How Can You Juggle Patient Care When You Have No Balls?"
Checking for Nutritional Anemia in Wound Care

Volume 2 No. 09 | May 5, 2012:

Palliative Care Challenges: Offering Supportive Nutritional Care at End of Life
Is it Possible to Control Wound Care Costs AND Provide Excellent Patient Care?
Maggot Therapy: Another Study Demonstrates Efficacy and Safety of Maggot Therapy
Diabetes Care Meets Wound Prevention: Preparing Patients for the Foot Exam

Volume 2 No. 08 | April 21, 2012:

Category Spotlight: Dressings
Does Gauze Have Cause? - Making a Case for Gauze Wound Dressings
A Continuum of Choice: Techniques in Wound Care Dressings Selection
Recent Comments on WoundSource.com

Volume 2 No. 07 | April 7, 2012:

Category Spotlight: Positioners and Protectors
Wound Care in Crisis - Have We Rebuilt the Tower of "Babble" for Pressure Ulcers?
The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) - Spring
Nutrition Assessment: A Critical Link in the Wound Healing Chain
Wound Characteristics That Affect Wound Healing
The HEAT is On: Government Efforts to Tackle Medicare Reimbursement Fraud

Volume 2 No. 06 | March 24, 2012:

Category Spotlight: Skin Care
Dry Skin is Graffiti: Treatment for the Prevention of Wounds
Conference Spotlight: APWCA 2012
"Would You Like That Super-Sized?": What a Merger Could Mean for Wound Care Centers
The Case for Implementing Validated Nutrition Screening Tools in Wound Care

Volume 2 No. 05 | March 12, 2012:

Focus On Mattresses
How Do You Select The Right Wound Care Support Surface?
Evaluating Support Surfaces in Today's Tough Reimbursement Climate
Patient-Centered Health Care Evaluation: "Your Heart Is More Important Than Your Neuropathy"
ConvaTec Introduces AQUACEL® Ag Burn Dressing With Hydrofiber® Technology for the Management of Partial Thickness Burns
Palliative Care vs. Restorative/Curative Care for Pressure Ulcers

Volume 2 No. 04 | February 25, 2012:

Focus On Debridement
Maggot Therapy: How Does It Really Work?
Pressure Ulcer Case Analysis and Reports Multimedia Course
WOCNCB Announces 2012 Board of Directors
House Calls: Will Health Care Providers Respond to the Call?
Wound Care in a Spin - Whirlpool Therapy

Volume 2 No. 03 | February 11, 2012:

Preventing Heel Pressure Ulcers: Simple Methods and Identifying Risk Factors
Venous Ulcers and Wound Care: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments
Pressure Ulcer Case Analysis and Reports Multimedia Course
How Does Biotherapy Relate to Wound Care
Medical Malpractice Depositions: Tips For Your Testimony
Putting the Cart Before the Horse: Product Driven Wound Care
Wound Care, Ping-Pong, and Purpose: It's All Greek to Me

Volume 2 No. 02 | January 28, 2012:

2012 Wound Care Conference Preview
Dehydration and Wound Healing: Know The Facts
Covidien Launches Web-Based Patient and Caregiver Education Resource
Wound Inflammation: Where Would We Be Without It?

Volume 2 No. 01 | January 14, 2012:

Discharge Planning: Everything Old is New Again
How Do You Select The Right Wound Care Support Surface?
FDA clears PICO Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System from Smith & Nephew
Product Implications for Wound Care Practice
Wound Care Depositions Pt. 2: Testimony