Volume 10 No. 35 | August 28, 2020

WoundSource 2020 Blog of the Year: COVID-19: Safe Practices During a Pandemic
2020 – A Year to Remember – The Year of the Nurse
On-Demand Webinar: Protecting Patients and Staff: The Road to a System-Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Program
New for WoundSource in 2020
White Paper of the Week: Non-Healing Contaminated Wounds: A Multidimensional Solution
Wound Care Product of the Week: Nu Bandage
Wound Care News: TissueTech to Collaborate with Johns Hopkins University-based Investigators
Wound Care News: Alliance Urges CMS to Address Front-Line Wound Care Practitioners' Challenges
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Frequently Asked Questions: Wound Care Challenges and Solutions During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Wound Healing in the Time of COVID-19
Maintaining Skin Health in Older Patients During COVID-19
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