Volume 8 No. 52 | December 28, 2018

The Top 10 WoundSource Blogs of 2018
#5 – Principles of Clean Dressing Technique Versus Asepsis
#4 – Atypical Wounds: Causes and Management (Part 1)
Coming Soon: Wound Biofilms Month
#3 – The Role of Hypochlorous Acid in Managing Wounds: Reduction in Antibiotic Usage
#2 – Common Wound Care Documentation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
#1 – Understanding the Braden Scale: Focus on Shear and Friction (Part 5)
Upcoming Webinar: Challenges of Exudate Management
On-Demand Webinar: Next Generation Silver Technology: Enhancing Silver to Address Wound Bioburden
On-Demand Webinar: Pressure Injury/Ulcer Prevention: A Population Health and Culture of Health Perspective