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Ag OxysaltTMTechnology: In vivo Assessment of Anti-Biofilm Efficacy and Effects on Healing


Silver must be in its ionic state (Ag1+) to act as an antimicrobial. Dressings containing Ag OxyaltsTM (Ag7NO11) are unique in their ability to produce higher oxidative states of silver (Ag2+/Ag3+), which are potently antimicrobial.

We investigated the ability of an Ag OxysaltTM dressing to treat biofilm infected mouse wounds compared to dressings containing Ag1+ or Ag1+ + EDTA and benzethonium chloride (BC). In addition, we also investigated their effects on healing independent of infection.

The effects of silver dressings on mature (72hr) P. aeruginosa and S. aureus biofilm infected murine wounds were assessed after 3 days of treatment. Representative SEM images were taken to identify bacteria within the wound. Uninfected murine wounds were also treated with the silver dressings for 3 days. In all cases, wound area and re-epithelialisation were assessed.

Results-Healing Independent of Infection
Ag OxysaltsTMPromote Healing Independent of Infection

To determine if the potent antimicrobial nature of the silver dressings have an adverse effect on healing independent of infection, uninfected murine wounds were treated with silver dressings and wound area and re-epithelialisation quantified.

Dressings containing Ag OxysaltsTM

  • Effectively and uniformly kill bacteria within a biofilm.
  • Promote healing of biofilm infected mouse wounds.
  • Do not adversely affect, and may even promote, healing independent of infection.