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The Antimicrobial and Tolerability Profile of a Sprayable Acid-Oxiding Solution for Wound Care

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G. Reiner, Corporate Director R&D, APR Applied Pharma Research S.A., Balerna, Switzerland

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Chronic ulcers are commonly associated with persistent inflammation and a high bacterial load, that often develops resistances to antibiotics. For the prevention and control of microbial growth, products with wide-spectrum antimicrobial capacity and not inducing resistance phenomena are highly needed. Formation of biofilms represents an additional problem allowing many microorganisms evade the action of antimicrobial substances. A new sprayableacid-oxidizing solution, a wound cleanser with ancillary antimicrobial properties including the ability to modify biofilm structure making bacteria more accessible to cleansing, is available. This water-based solution is characterized by the combination of an almost pure content of hypochlorous acid among the free chlorine species (HCIO > 95%), a low pH (< 3) and a high oxidation-reduction potential.