Implementation of a Perioperative Pressure Injury Risk Assessment Tool (Scott Triggers Tool) in a Level 1 Trauma Center in Eastern Pennsylvania

Lead Presenter

Supporting Presenters

Michelle Burkert, BSN, RN, CNOR, RNFA
Michelle Pachuilo, BSN, RN
John Noll, MSN, MBA, RN, CNOR, LSO
Nicole Ledig, BSN, RN

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Prevention of Skin Injuries is a priority in the acute care setting. Risk assessment is often the first step in determining the care plan for patients. While there are well established risk assessment tools for acute and long-term care setting, there is a dearth of tools for the perioperative environment. At a 700 bed Level I Trauma Center in Eastern Pennsylvania, a perioperative skin team was formed to evaluate the unique needs of this care environment with regards to skin injury prevention. The team consisted of nursing leadership, a CWOCN, RN and ancillary staff from pre-operative, intraoperative, and post-operative care units, and anesthesia. In 2016, the team began a self-assessment through the Scott Triggers Tool. Through this tool, the team was able to evaluate what resources were in place and what resources needed to be added. By the beginning of 2018, the team was ready to implement the use of the Scott Triggers Tool into the daily work flow of the staff in the pre-operative, intraoperative, and post-operative care environments. In the summer of 2018, the electronic medical record (EMR) team worked on implementing the tool into EMR. In January 2019, the Use of Scott Triggers Tool will go live in the peri-operative environments to allow staff to assess risk for pressure injury formation in all patients and create a treatment plan that is unique to their needs. Rate of Skin Injuries were monitored before during and after the team formation. A decrease in in skin injuries was found through the process.

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