Initial Evaluation of Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose (ORC)/Collagen/Silver-ORC Rope Dressing



Long-term wounds can be difficult to heal, often requiring complex wound bed preparation to help initiate the wound healing process. A new rope-like version of an existing advanced wound dressing has been developed to assist application in ulcerative wounds including those with tunneling and undermining (oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC)/collagen/silver-ORC rope dressing*). An evaluation of ORC/collagen/silver-ORC rope dressing used in two patients is presented. Patient 1 was a 60-year-old male who presented to the clinic after referral for limb salvage with a stage IV pressure injury present on the left posterior heel for 119 days. Past medical history included chronic tobacco use, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, obesity, peripheral neuropathy, chronic pain disorder, and coronary artery disease. The patient had been previously treated with multiple sharp debridements with the recommendation of a below knee amputation. Oral and IV antibiotics were initiated, and medical grade maggots were applied to the wound. After 5 days, the maggots were removed, and ORC/collagen/silver-ORC rope dressing applied. After 5 days of ORC/collagen/silver-ORC rope dressing, the wound area and depth were reduced, and granulation tissue was present. Patient 2 was a 76-year-old female with a Wagner grade 3 diabetic foot ulcer and osteomyelitis requiring a transmetatarsal amputation on the right foot. Postoperative wound dehiscence developed, and the wound was present for 154 days. Patient comorbidities included diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, obesity, cerebrovascular accident, and peripheral neuropathy. Previous treatments included collagenase ointment, negative pressure wound therapy, skin substitutes, and hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Oral antibiotics were initiated, and ORC/collagen/silver-ORC rope dressing was applied. After ~28 days, the wound area was reduced, and healthy granulation tissue was observed. In these 2 cases, the addition of ORC/collagen/silver-ORC rope dressing to the wound treatment plan helped reduce the wound area and promote the development of granulation tissue in the wound bed.

*PROMOGRAN PRISMA™ Matrix, KCI, now part of 3M Company, San Antonio, TX

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