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Integrating and Innovating Acid Oxidizing Interacting with the Wound Microenviroment in the Management of Chronic Wound

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V. Fessia, Professional Association Vulnolgica, Turin, Italy

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Chronic ulcers are commonly associated with a persistent inflammation, a high bacterial load and detrimental degenerative changes. To promote physiological wound healing, removal of inert and biological contaminants, control of exudate, preservation of uncontrolled bacterial load as well as modulation of wound microenviornment are required. An innovative acid-oxidizing solution, characterized by the combination of an almost pure content of hypochlorous acid among the free chlorine species (HCIO > 95%), a low pH (< 3) and a high oxidation-reduction potential, has been added to the standard of care in the clinical setting. The integration of this solution, coupling its cleansing effect to ancillary antimicrobial properties and the ability to modulate the wound microenviornment in a way conducive to physiological healing, has been evaluated in the treatment of patients with chronic ulcers.