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An Interim Analysis of Clinical Investigation to Evaluate Exudate Management and Comfort of Use of an Antimicrobial Gelling Fiber Dressing* in Medium to Highly Exudative Wounds

Other presenters

Dragana Ajdic
Joshua Mervis
Robert Kirsner


Wound exudate is an essential component of normal wound healing, but colonized and infected wounds, with excessive exudate and inflammation, pose a significant problem for healthcare systems worldwide. Excessive exudate hinders wound healing, and results in leakage, soiling, odor and pain. Therefore, research into innovative exudate solutions is warranted. Exufiber Ag+, a gelling fiber dressing with Hydrolock technology, was evaluated in this prospective, multi-center study. Interim results were presented on 54 patients from seven sites. The study found that Exufiber Ag+ is well-tolerated and performed well in terms of exudate handling, technical performance and patient experience.