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A New Approach in the Treatment of Chronic Pressure Ulcers at our Centre: A Report on the Use of Collagen in Saudi Arabia


Management of chronic pressure ulcers presents an ongoing challenge to wound care teams; such patients accounting for a significant amount of wound care resources worldwide. Attempts at defining optimum treatment for these wounds have been numerous, and several methods have been advocated. Nevertheless, disagreement remains between wound care experts and no single dressing has been identified as offering the best chance of healing in this patient group. The importance of collagen in wound healing is well recognized; it plays a pivotal role in all stages by stimulating cellular migration and new tissue formation. Chronic wounds are characterized by decreased collagen deposition and increased collagen breakdown; without enough collagen, effective wound healing is not possible. Collagen dressings promote wound healing by encouraging new collagen deposition and stimulating and recruiting cells crucial for healing, such as macrophages and fibroblasts. By acting as a moisture reservoir for dry wounds and increasing absorption in exudating wounds, they maintain moisture levels conducive to healing.