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Open, Non-Comparative, Multi-Centre Post Market Clinical Follow-Up Investigation to Evaluate Performance and Safety on Pressure Ulcers When Using a Gelling Fibre Dressing* as Intended

Other presenters

Hilde Belle
Lizbeth Saine
Erwin Suys
Benoit Hendrickx


An open, non-comparative, multi-centre clinical investigation was undertaken to evaluate the performance and safety of a highly absorbent, gelling fibre dressing* in the management of PUs (stages II to IV). The results support the use of the gelling fibre dressing for the treatment of moderately-to-highly exuding wounds. The observed improvements in the condition of the wounds and decrease in the number of patients with ‘moderate’ or ‘severe’ signs of peri-wound skin damage are indicators of the dressing’s ability to manage excess exudate.