Performance Evaluation of a Novel Ostomy Barrier Ring with Assisted Flow through a Single-Arm, Open-Labelled Feasibility Study

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Supporting Presenters

Rhona Hunt
Ailish Hannigan
Calvin Coffey
Mary Clarke Moloney
Mary Ahern
Elaine Conway
Kevin Kelleher
Leonard O'Sullivan

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Peristomal moisture-associated skin damange (MASD) is the most common form of peristomal skin damage1 and occurs when excessive moisture in urine, stool and wound exudate leads to inflammation of the skin, with or without erosion or secondary cutaneous infection.2 It is proposed that the use of standard hydrocolloid ostomy barrier rings for the prevention of peristomal MASD does not offer the ideal solution because the absorbency of the material used can result in effluent contacting the skin.

Encouraging user feedback with a novel barrier ring has previously been reported.3, 4 The current study aims to evaluate the performance of the novel skin barrier by assessing changes in skin condition and recording perceptions of comfort, security, handling, and discretion in persons with an ileostomy for six months or longer.

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