Professional Lead Services in Wound, Ostomy, & Continence: Celebrate 10 Years of Indonesian ETNEP


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Health is of interest in Indonesia, and we are constantly looking for strategies to promote health care and for preventative care. The role of the nurse is needed and important to support these initiative. Indonesia social and economic conditions remain low become of health problems. These Problems arise partly due to failure of appropriate treatment of injuries, stoma and incontinence. Wocare center through Indonesian ETNEP, which is recognized by WCET, held training exercises. To keep the quality of graduates, wocare center established alumnus who joined the InWCCA (Indonesia Wound Care Clinician Association).

To improve quality of the nursing in terms of wound, stoma and incontinence care and its perceived existence in society.

Wocare carried out 37 hours short courses that are certified by the ministry of the Republic Indonesia and conducted in all Indonesia regions. In this course, Wocare provded these activities as a part of pre-ETNEP and promoted basic wound, stoma and incontinence care. InETNEP carried out by two ways, namely by full ETNEP programs or taken gradually. This strategy is to reach Indonesian nurses that have limited funds and do not have enough time due to being tied from working in the hospital.

Over the past ten years (since 2010 to date) Indonesia ETNEP, the benefits have been gained by Indonesian health workers. More than 10,000 wound clinicians consisting of nurses and even doctors and midwives have facilitated improving wound services. More than 450 nurses under completion of ETNEP program and ET nurse has reached 150 nurses pass and through the Indonesian ETNEP in Wocare Center. They have encouraged a lot of change in the hospitals where they work, and can even provide independent nursing services in their respective areas.

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