Successful Management of Chronic Lymphedema Wounds Using Combined Closed Pulse Irrigation* and Compression Therapy


Lead Presenter

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Amy Krystofalski RPT, CLT
Anne Blomstrand, MSPT, CLT

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Chronic Lymphedema is often associated with cellulitis and non-healing wounds due to persistent bacterial bioburden and biofilm which pose significant challenges to successful wound healing and the delivery of manual compression therapy. These difficult non-healing wounds contribute to increased morbidity and cost for many lymphedema patients. Daily Closed Pulse Irrigation*(CPI*) wound therapy is a form of selective hydro-mechanical debridement used to successfully reduce and manage persistent wound bacterial bioburden and biofilm colonization and promote resolution of inflammation and cellulitis followed by stimulations of rapid granulation and epithelialization. CPI* is a well-tolerated "biophysical" methodology for biofilm management that decreases antibiotic use and achieves effective daily biofilm reduction. This innovative anti-biofilm wound healing strategy utilizes a novel self-contained, low pulsed pressure (8-15 psi) delivery system using 3 Liters of 0.9% Normal Saline warmed to 85 ͦ F. Combination CPI*/Compression therapy was easily administered at the bedside by skilled providers such as RN's, DPT's and PT's. These clinical results show that CPI* wound treatments can provide safe, effective, point-of-service biofilm management for chronic lymphedema extremity wounds with preservation and stimulation of normal healthy tissues. CPI* when combined with manual compression therapy was shown to improve healing outcomes for chronic lymphedema extremity wound patients with high patient satisfaction.

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