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Transformation of The Education Center and Wound Ostomy Education Training Program for Nurses in Indonesian Continence Care Training in Indonesia

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The Corporate University of WOCARE Indonesia is the center of scientific development for Wound, Ostomy Continence Care in Indonesia utilizing evidence-based practice. Corporate University of WOCARE connects learning with practical performance in the field. WOCARE Center Indonesia is a professional educational institution for nurses to improve nursing services in Indonesia. Indonesian Enterosromal Therapy Nurse Education Program (InETNEP) is the first international education program in Indonesia. The InETNEP program has educated nurses in Indonesia for 12 years (founded in 2007) with three programs. The Wound Care Training program require 120 hours to pass and earn the Certified Wound Care Clinician Program (CWCCP); The Certified Wound Care Clinician Associated Program (CWCCAP) requires 34 hours; the Stoma Care Program Consists of 200 hours to earn the Certified Stoma Therapy Program (CSTP) and Certified Stoma Nurse Program (CSNP); and the Continence Care programs consists of 120 hours of Certified Continence Therapy Program (CCTP). Learning Programs Include: Pre/Post Test, Lectures, Redemonstration, Workshop, Discussion, Study of Literature, web-based, Clinical Practice, OSCE and Program Development. The program was implemented in Indonesia.

The purpose of this study is to try to explain the contribution and understand the concept of the Indonesian corporate university of WOCARE (CUWI) to describe the important reasons for corporate universities to develop in Indonesia. CUWI develops classical programs and online training to maintain the quality of skills; To evaluate the results of the training of WOCARE centers throughout Indonesia.

The results of the CUWI Development Program are that graduates can contribute to Wound, Ostomy Continence Care care services by being superior in handling clients. WOCARE center Indonesia has recorded 12,662 graduates consisting of 168 graduate of the InENTEP program and 12,494 CWCCAP. Average graduation rate of more than 92% of graduates from training evaluation results.

This is a model of nursing education and independent professionals. Nurses can improve nursing services throughout Indonesia in wound care, stoma and continence. Graduates have proved existence as a professional nurse in the independent practice of nursing.