Using S3I Methods to Evaluate Immersion and Envelopment of Turning and Positioning Products on a Support Surface

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Laurel Tanner, MA
Evan Call, MS, CSM-NRM

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Adding layers alters support surface performance.In the absence of standards, clinicians must balance potential benefits of caregiver safety and the ease of care from using Turn and Position devices (TPDs) against the risk of decreased protective benefits from support surface for each patient. Testing was conducted to evaluate the impact of TPD on a standard hospital support surface. With embedded handles and low friction when untucked, Surface 2 provides safe patient handling opportunities without compromising patient safety. Immersion and envelopment are tied together in providing comfort and protection for patients. Better immersion and envelopment provide patients lying on a hospital bed more pressure relief. Greater horizontal stiffness indicates less sliding and shear forces on patient.