A Comparison of Two Antimicrobial Dressings: A Randomized Prospective Trial Comparing PVA Foam with Two Organic Pigments to a Silver Based Wound Dressing

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Lisa Mikulski RN, BSN
Mark Tramontozzi MD, FACS

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A randomized prospective clinical trial of patients with lower extremity wounds.

40 patients with lower extremity wounds: 20 placed on Hydrofera Blue, 20 placed on Acticoat (either Burn Dressing or Absorbent).

The PVA foam had average days to healing of 67 days while the Silver dressing had average days to healing of 75 days. The PVA foam had an 88% pain reduction within the first 72 hours and the Silver dressing had a 40% pain reduction in the first 72 hours. The edges flattened in 90% of the patients on the PVA foam and in only 25% of the patients on the Silver dressing. Both products were equally effective in reducing the bioload. There was edema reduction (without the use of compression) in 80% of the PVA foam and 60% with the silver dressing. There was no maceration of the surrounding tissue with the PVA foam and 30% of the patients using the silver dressing had surrounding tissue maceration. The cost of the PVA foam with the two organic pigments is roughly $6.60 per 4x4 sheet and the Silver dressings for a 4"x4" dressing are $15.00 to $30.00 depending on the absorbency.

If you are looking at days to healing only, both products will work, however if any of the concurrent issues stated above are of concern the PVA foam with the two organic pigments provided a better outcome.

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