Patient Experience with a NOVEL Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System Meets and Exceeds Standards

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Rey Paglinawan

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Today’s standard of care for NPWT systems defined by the European Wound Management Association states that NPWT systems have an electronically controlled feedback system to maintain the prescribed therapy at the wound. This fundamental requirement is necessary to ensure the prescribed NPWT is accurately delivered and maintained at the wound.

This investigation provides patient outcomes from an innovative commercially available NWPT Systems‡ that meet the standard of care, as defined by EWMA, by maintaining set pressure at the wound site*.

The data from the six patients illustrated an average of ~85% wound reduction with an average NPWT treatment duration of ~14 weeks. These results illustrate comparable patient outcomes and healing times appear to exceed the standard of care for the novel NWPT System. More patient data is needed from the diabetic patient population to confirm these results and to compare outcomes as well as patient compliance to the commonly available NPWT system.

The staff noticed that patients utilizing this innovative NPWT system routinely came to the clinic with the NWPT system powered and working. Patients commented that it was easy to comply with the novel NPWT system due to light weight and simple operation. The wound care staff commented that the high level of compliance to the novel system was unusual. The staff impression was that patients were not as compliant when the common NPWT system was used.

* Apelqvist, J., Willy, C., Fagerdah, A.M. et al. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy – overview, challenges and perspectives. J Wound Care 2017; 26: 3, Suppl 3, S1–S113.

Product notation
‡ Invia® Liberty™ NPWT System; Medela AG
^ ActiV.A.C.® Therapy System; 3M+KCI

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