Desert Foot Conference

Date and Location: November 7-10, 2018 at the Sheraton Grand in Phoenix, AZ.

The Desert Foot Conference is an educational program designed for federal and non-federal healthcare professionals and it enables participants to improve limb salvage techniques, improve patient care and to specifically treat disorders of the lower limb. The fastest growth of this Conference is with podiatrists in private practice who seek additional high-quality training in managing the diseases affecting the lower limb. The Conference places top national speakers at the podium during the general sessions which cover state-of-the-art training and updates on skin, nail disorders, advanced wound care, surgical procedures, and new techniques in the management of diabetic and non-diabetic foot disorders.

Registration Information:
Contact Daryl Ehrentreu, RPh, MBA, CMP, HMCC at 888-802-8410 or for registration inquiries.