The mission of World Wide Wounds is to be the premier online resource for peer-reviewed information on dressing materials providing practical guidance on all aspects of wound management to health professionals worldwide.

As an independent online journal, World Wide Wounds is dedicated to promoting excellent practice and better communication across the speciality. The information provided will vary in complexity and depth. Basic articles will be provided to meet the needs of inexperienced nurses or those in training. More detailed articles will be provided for those with experience in wound care, whilst articles at the cutting edge of scientific research will attract leaders of the field. The focus of the majority of articles will remain clinically based and be of direct practical relevance to those who manage wounds on a daily basis.

World Wide Wounds seeks to monitor and raise the standard of reference material available to all professionals with an interest in wound management, working with individuals, organisations and industry to meet these aims.

World Wide Wounds recognises the strengths of existing journals in the field, but also the inherent limitations of the paper-bound medium. The on-line journal will be published on a continuous basis; both the selection of material and the content of individual articles will be constantly updated to reflect current practice and scientific research. Authors will be given the opportunity to correct errors, or add material, if appropriate. All such changes will be clearly signposted and acknowledged as necessary.

World Wide Wounds can respond rapidly to new developments and will provide a forum for current information on new products, emerging technologies and research breakthroughs as evaluations are published. World Wide Wounds seeks to stimulate debate and discussion and readers are positively encouraged to challenge and respond to published articles.