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Upcoming Webinars

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On-Demand Webinars

  • Up to 45% of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers/injuries occur in the surgical population and the numbers for ICU are at a 10% average.1,2 Interventions to reduce hospital-acquired pressure ulcers/injuries are readily available. However, implementing a comprehensive prevention program that becomes part of the culture can be an arduous endeavor. Please join us to learn how two clinicians lead respective teams to implement protocols and processes to drive pressure ulcer/injury reduction, lower costs and establish the practice as part of their culture.

    Molly Sammon will discuss risk factors identified among patients at the Heart and Vascular Institute; interventions to reduce hospital-acquired pressure ulcers/injuries and associated costs; and share their practices for a culture of pressure ulcer/injury prevention. Peggy O’Harra will share practices and results from a comprehensive pressure ulcer/injury prevention plan for the OR/ICU and how that plan was implemented throughout an eight-hospital system.

  • A strong knowledge of moisture-associated skin damage (MASD) will help clinicians in the assessment, prevention and treatment of the various types of moisture related skin injuries. This webinar will provide clinicians with foundational knowledge to support the overall management goals of caring for a person with MASD, or who may be at risk of developing skin injuries due to moisture causes.

  • Join Tissue Analytics, a leader in advanced wound documentation, for a discussion on: Wound measurement techniques, new trends and upcoming changes to quality reporting requirements, automated documentation tools, population-level management using real-time data, and how analytics can speed up your workflow – and save you time.

  • Be ready to learn about the types of tissue that may impede wound healing, methods of debridement, levels of microorganisms found in a wound bed, the definition of biofilm, and other important factors in wound bed management.