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Practice Management

For this month's WoundSource Practice Accelerator series, we are providing education on a variety of topics related to the practice management and patient-centered care. Scroll below to read this month's white paper and articles, to print out our quick fact sheet, and to sign up for this month's webinar.

Upcoming Webinar

Team-Based Approaches to Workflow

Friday, February 16

Alton R. Johnson Jr., DPM, Michael Calderone, DPM, CWSP, and Nicholas Butler DPM, AACFAS, FACPM, FASPS

The speakers will review how different individuals working in the same practice setting can use workflows to improve efficiency, communication, and patient outcomes, followed by a live Q&A and discussion.

White Paper

Myths in Wound Care Practice Management

<p>Wound care facilities need the involvement of the multidisciplinary team to ensure efficient practice management and resultant best outcomes for patients. As an umbrella term, practice management may have different meanings depending on an individual's role at a practice. It can involve documentation practices within an electronic health record (EHR), as well as financial, regulatory, and operational parameters. Several misunderstandings relating to HIPAA requirements and regulatory practice ...

Fact Sheet

Quick Facts - Practice Management

Practice management concepts such as those relating to prior authorization, the use of health care data, efficient and ethical documentation practices, and other aspects can be important for the processes of wound care facilities. This fact sheet will share helpful tips and pearls relating to these concepts....

Featured Articles

Mobile Wound Care: Understanding a Changing Paradigm

In this interview, Haresh Kane, MD, CWSP and Robert Calalang, BSN, RN, CWS discuss what mobile wound care is, how they use this technology to measure and track outcomes, and how it can facilitate communication and documentation. ...

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Examining the Role of AI in Wound Care Workflow

In this interview, Paul J. Kim, DPM, MS, FACFAS discusses how health care technologies that use artificial intelligence could enhance wound care practice workflow....

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Prior Authorization: What, Why, How

Wound care providers often need to obtain prior authorization (PA) for specific, specialized treatments or medications in order for a patient’s insurance to cover some or all of the cost. It has been reported as a source of burnout and frustration, while payors assert that this process ensures the n...

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Role of Data in Wound Care

Experts evaluate data quality using levels of evidence as a standard. “Big Data” is the term used to describe data sets too large for traditional software processing. Through big data, researchers have been able to predict certain clinical outcomes, such as the onset of sepsis....

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Important Terms to Know

Important Terms to Know: Practice Management

How much do you know about practice management in an ever-changing, digital age? Learn important practice management terms in wound care spanning from big data to wound assessment and monitoring systems.