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Harikrishna K. R. Nair, MD, FCWS, FMSWCP
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Carol Jones, RN, BSN, CWOCN
Linda Benskin, Ph.D, RN, SRN (Ghana), CWCN, CWS, DAPWCA
Charalambos Agathangelou, Ph.D
Charalambos Agathangelou, Ph.D
Kimberly Bare, RN, BSN, CWON
Patrick Marasco, MD, FACS
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by Hy-Tape International

Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) is an effective means of promoting wound healing and removing fluids from the wound area. NPWT helps to create a moist wound environment, removes exudate, and stimulates the wound bed. Because the technology has been...

by Martha Kelso, RN, HBOT

On July 24, 2018, I presented a webinar on the topic of the TIME (tissue management, infection or inflammation, moisture balance, and edge of wound) model of wound bed preparation as part of WoundSource's Practice Accelerator series on wound bed...

By Cheryl Carver, LPN, WCC, CWCA, CWCP, DAPWCA, FACCWS, CLTC – Wound Educator

Most of my experience has been in the hospital wound center setting. However, in the last five years you could say I was converted into the long-term care arena, where I felt I could help most from an...

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