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Charalambos Agathangelou, Ph.D
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By Martin Vera, LVN, CWS

Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to be part of several nursing branches: home health, long-term care, acute care, long-term acute care hospital, hospice, and even a tuberculosis hospital; wounds have no limitations on where they will appear...

By Susan Cleveland, BSN, RN, WCC, CDP, NADONA Board Secretary

Certain patient populations—such as the critically ill, those with spinal cord-injuries, and bariatric individuals—need special interventions and support surfaces to prevent pressure ulcers. These recommendations...

by Holly M. Hovan, MSN, APRN, ACNS-BC, CWOCN-AP

I recently posed a question to a nursing Facebook group regarding feelings on certification. Basically, I was wondering what nurses think about being certified… What does it mean to you? I received a lot of feedback on this question...

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