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By Cheryl Carver, LPN, WCC, CWCA, CWCP, DAPWCA, FACCWS, CLTC – Wound Educator

As a veteran of the U.S. Army, and having a grandfather who was a U.S. Army combat medic, I have always had an interest in combat wound care.

Wound care has evolved immensely throughout the...

by Dr. Nancy Munoz, DCN, MHA, RDN, FAND

The presence of diabetes can contribute to a decreased wound healing rate. Increased glucose levels can stiffen the arteries and contribute to narrowing of the blood vessels. This can contribute to pressure injury development and is a risk...

By Marta Ostler, PT, CWS, CLT, DAPWCA

On June 28, 2018, I presented a webinar on the topic of wound dressing selection as part of WoundSource's Practice Accelerator series on Wound Dressings 101. Choosing an appropriate wound dressing for your patient can be a difficult...

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