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New Data Available on A Mechanism of Action of a Multilayer Dressing

April 30, 2024

Smith+Nephew (NYSE:SNN; LSE:SN), the global medical technology company is pleased to announce exciting data for its ALLEVYN LIFE Dressing in a recent study by Professor Amit Gefen and his research group published in the International Wound Journal,1 that shows a novel mechanism of action relating to pressure injury prevention (PIP).

The study found that due to the independent and non-bonded internal layers of ALLEVYN LIFE Dressing, a layer-on-layer sliding phenomenon occurs and allows for dissipation of mechanical energy that could otherwise be transferred to the patient in a bonded dressing.1

The results show that layer-on-layer frictional sliding of ALLEVYN LIFE Dressing absorbs 30-45% of the mechanical energy, which could help alleviate pressure injury incidence in a patient's skin and underlying soft tissues. This novel mechanism of action further adds to our understanding of how multi-layer dressings such as ALLEVYN LIFE work when used prophylactically for PIP.1

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1. Marché C, Creehan S, Gefen A. The frictional energy absorber effectiveness and its impact on the pressure ulcer prevention performance of multilayer dressings. Int Wound J. 2024; 21(4):e14871. doi:10.1111/iwj.14871

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