Quality of Life

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Thanoon Thabet, BSN, RN, WTA-C

Chronic wound pain is a complicated condition with both physical and psychological aspects. The magnitude of pain is usually contingent on the depth of the wound and whether an infection is present. Nevertheless, providing adequate pain relief can be challenging due to wound management’s multi-faceted nature. It is essential to understand the physiology of pain, the types, its impact on healing, assessment techniques, and various wound care approaches to develop a comprehensive care plan for patients with wounds.

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Health People 2030 (HP2030) define social determinants of health (SDOH) as conditions (nonmedical factors) within environments where people are born, reside, learn, work, play, worship, and grow old. These environments impact a wide range of health and quality of life outcomes and risks. Some examples of SDOH include social and community support, neighborhood and built environment, education and access to quality education, health care access and quality, and overall economic stability.