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Understanding Venous Leg Ulcers

A strong foundational understanding is paramount in optimizing outcomes for venous leg ulcers. This webinar, originally part of our September 2021 Practice Accelerator, breaks down many key concepts clinicians should know. In conjunction with the rest of the Practice Accelerator program, wound care professionals will be able to combine classic, enduring information, along with some of the latest viewpoints on this challenging condition.

During this program participants will learn:

  • The causes of venous ulcers
  • Evaluation of patients with venous ulcers
  • Procedural interventions that can help reach closure in venous ulcers 
  • The role of compression therapy in venous ulcer management
  • Medications and topical therapy effective in treating venous ulcers
  • Lifestyle and cost considerations in the management of venous ulcers

Presented by: Amy Tucker, MD

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